Who we are?

We are a group of successful technology enthusiasts who have embraced entrepreneurship by starting and growing our own companies. Combined we have launched over a dozen successful companies in the past decade. We’ve found success with both consumer software and business-to-business platforms in industries like digital health, education, and consumer entertainment. With our collective experience, expertise, and immense networks we’re able to tackle projects of any size and in any vertical, within budget, and on-time. We have all of the resources you need to make your project a success.

We often work with companies that have the necessary funding but lack the technical leadership to make their software ideas happen. Unlike larger companies, we are extremely involved in the projects we take on because we know that our success is often a function of our customers’. As entrepreneurs it is in our DNA to lead projects from the ideation stage and build a solid foundation that will position you for success in the immediate term as well as put you on a path to take your company further after you outgrow us.

Combining software and digital health technologies is our speciality and we’re the best of the best at execution and delivery of these projects. Whether you’re a hospital, university, pharmaceutical company, or a business focused on health and wellness, CodeCygnus is the technology partner and advocate you need in shaping your project’s success.

“we have an all star team with great experience from working with these awesome companies”

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate entrepreneurs who love crazy ideas. We work with organizations of any size on projects from the idea stage to commercialization of its products and services by leveraging cutting edge technologies to solve real world problems. We have helped many companies build very impressive products that we are incredibly proud of, yet remain humble and understand that success is a result of hard work.

We’re detail-oriented and use our collective experience from building our own successful technology companies to help take your ideas from their concept stage to successful entry in the market. We are incredibly focused and utilize the lean startup model to maximize efficiency in our development process to get projects done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

We strive to be selfless, pragmatic, and avoid unnecessary politics. We get things done and believe that anything is possible; we are not afraid to take risks and we thrive. We are also, to be frank, just a cool bunch of people that are very passionate about what they do. Putting all of these pieces together with our deep and impressive personal networks, we are the technology partner that can make your next project, a success.

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