Mathematical Model driven Web Application for FDNY

Biopod is an abbreviation for (Biological Point of Distribution), a drill which is conducted throughout the NYC since 2004 to prepare the city towards bioterrorism (anthrax & smallpox outbreak) and administer prophylactic medications to fire fighters and ems rescue workers. This is an effort to determine the total hours required to vaccinate the entire first responder workforce before they can perform their rescue efforts on the streets. Our model has being analyzed by the CRA (community research associates), ODP (office of domestic preparedness) and was presented to the homeland security as a national model.

We managed this entire effort in the capacity as a consultant working for the Chief of Counter Terrorism at FDNY since the inception phase of this project, specification strategy through the application development and implementation. The solution was implemented with the help of a mathematical model to arrive at a decision for a multiple objective fire house location problem. Various factors that are responsible for fire house location problem across the 5 boroughs of NYC where the drill was conducted has been taken into account during the feasibility study to arrive at multiple best locations to install the POD (vaccinations point of distributions). Some of the factors in determining the best location for the POD are, nearness of the location to all the firehouses in that area, ease of access to the location during the various timeslots of the day based on the traffic data, availability and dependability of power, internet connection etc for capturing information real time to monitor the POD activity in order to take corrective actions to make the process faster. We then applied pareto principle in a triangular matrix for a pair wise comparison to each of these firehouses to determine the best one’s by assigning weightage to individual locations based on the factors under consideration and arrived at the possible multiple best locations to have our POD units for administering the vaccinations to achieve our overall objective and to answer the question “how long will it take to vaccinate all the members in the event of a biological outbreak?”

  •   Architected BIOPOD system using Oracle DB has been accepted by FDNY, NYC and has been adopted as a model for other agencies. Acknowledgement for the work performed in the BHS newsletter FDNY resource
  •   Acknowledgement for the work performed in New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), on the statistical data collection on cough and bronchial responsiveness in Firefighters at the WTC site.New England Journal of Medicine

Client: Fire Department – City of NY (Department of Counter Terrorism)

Date: 2004 to 2006
Tags: Oracle, Java