Enterprise-Class Physician Diagnostics Web Application Portal for a startup in the Healthcare Industry.

CodeCygnus built a scalable Medical Data Knowledgebase for assisting physicians in diagnosing patient ailments. The platform allows medical professionals to create and maintain disease, drug, and educational information so that other professionals will be able to quickly, and reliably, diagnose with confidence. The platform features a guided diagnostics tool, search + compare functionality, and the ability to keep medical knowledge up-to-date on the web without the need for textbooks or web searches. CodeCygnus was able to take the product from a single excel file prototype into a full-scale web application through deep analysis and development. CodeCygnus continues to maintain this product as well as helps in discovery sessions of number of other product offerings to build around this platform.

Client: EleMD Corporation
Date: December’13 to December’14
Tags: html5, css3, jQuery, Ajax, php, cake, linux, apache, mysql, cloud, cms