FDNY – Health Services Clinic Automation Program

BHS Clinic Automation project was a large scale multi-year implementation to automate the entire clinic and improve the quality of Patient/Doctor interaction, electronically capture medical data and provide quality medical care through proper diagnosis on time to decrease the medical leave episodes. This project is completely written using Oracle technologies (backend and frontend) and helped FDNY to save in several millions over the years in costs relating to medical related matters. As a core team member and software development manager, Bala led and architected many mission critical applications for FDNY including the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring program to assess the wellness and fitness in the firefighters and the EMT’s post 911 and BIOPOD.

Bala received WTC anniversary award for his outstanding service to the members of FDNY.

Client: FDNY
Date: 1997 to 2002
Tags: Oracle Stack (both frontend and backend)