Mobile, Native Apps Development

We have experience building apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and even the new Apple TV. Our team has also been on the cutting edge of wearable interfaces for years. We love building apps. Even more than building apps, we love seeing our clients happy with the results of our work.

Bring us a problem and we’ll run it through our ideation process to understand users, goals, strategy, and a plan for success. CodeCygnus has an extensive background in product strategy and in building both b2c/b2b technology products.  We move swiftly to iterate on ideas until they are ready to fly.


Consulting CTO

Are you funded? Do you have a small in-house technical team and looking for a startup friendly CTO to manage the product roadmap and build cohesive teams? Code Cygnus can provide you with a strong CTO with relevant background in your field that can help you scale your business and technical teams.

First things first, did you name your idea? Did you design a logo for it? Did you pick a color palette? A collection of font families? And if you have, did you know what you were doing? You have no idea how big of a difference a catchy name could have on your project, or how wrong could clients understand what you are doing if you pick red for your eco-friendly company. Lucky for you, we do ;)


Design & Front End

First impressions are, in many cases, the only impression. Even if your idea is great and your product back end is strong solid people won’t even bother to take a look if what they see isn’t visually appealing, that’s why most startups today usually have a designer within the founding team. If yours doesn’t though, don’t worry, we are here to take care of your project’s design and front end development. We’ll make your idea look like candy to the eye of your potential clients!

We have a strong team of developers ready to build whatever you can imagine. We work with the most common programming languages and frameworks and are always learning and adapting to stay ahead of this fast phased industry. Our focus is on delivering measurable business results through commercial grade application that are scalable, secure, and customized to the specific business and operational needs of our clients. Working in tight cycles with lots of client collaboration, we bring innovative products to market faster.

Application Development

Strategy Consulting

If you have good ideas for projects and they are all halfway there, only partially fleshed out, or just inspiration with no real plan behind them Code Cygnus can help you validate your ideas and identify winning ideas through business model generation and develop a sound strategy for execution. We help you visualize the entire venture development lifecycle so that you can go out and execute your idea at high speed and with utmost confidence.

CodeCygnus offers the necessary data science skills that businesses are lacking.  CodeCygnus data scientists are experts in analytics and decision sciences, are well versed in big data technologies, have business expertise and possess the ability to communicate effectively with decision-makers.  We provide novel solutions designed for each businesses specific needs.  We offer solutions for big data strategy, data collection, data organization, advanced analysis, data visualization, and scalability for businesses in Universities, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Government domains.

Data Science

Hosting Solutions

Hopefully you’ll be convinced we want to be with you for the long run by now (that is if you want us too, of course!), and that includes taking care of your hosting needs for you, so that you don’t have to worry about scalability, traffic picks or server attacks, you just focus on running your business and let us worry about the nerdy stuff.

Outsourcing is not for everyone, but it definitely works for many! If we believe that outsourcing will work for you then your growing business can benefit from a wide range of state-of-the-art services and resources for a fraction of what it used to cost without having to deal with the headaches of managing an offshore team, Code Cygnus will take care of that for you.

Outsourcing Solutions