Balaji Jayaraman

Balaji (Bala) Jayaraman is an innovative thinker and an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience across Asia, Europe and North America in the fields of information technology, entrepreneurship and general management with a proven ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to grow businesses top-line and bottom-line.

Bala has proven track record in building and supporting over 7 startups in NJ with an exit from his last start-up Switch2Health where he was a Partner & CTO. S2H was both a software and hardware platform for consumer and employer wellness market, using an activity monitoring device that rewards people through points for maintaining an active lifestyle. S2H was acquired by Fitbit in September 2013.

Bala’s most recent start-up Health Intelligence Platform (myHINT) merged with Medpro Wellness applies behavioral economics to increase employee utilization in services that can diagnose and treat disease, which leads to a reduction of healthcare costs – (winner of Tallwave High Tide competition 2014).

In addition to working on his own startups, Bala is the founder of  CodeCygnus, a product development & management consulting company specializing in building digital health, fitness and wellness applications with an all star team from well known startups. CodeCygnus also helps and supports other early stage companies and entrepreneurs in NJ in order to build an ecosystem that supports the growth of technology ideas and projects leading to social and commercial success.

Bala has a Bachelor of Science degree from Loyola College and an MBA from Cornell University. He is also an active EII fellow at Cornell  and enjoys mentoring students and groups with their projects and ideas.